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We care and so should you

We work with you to show you how you can help save the environment, make less of an impact, and even save money. Timers and water-saving solutions for irrigation, trees that help give shade, and natural designs are just the beginning.

Create a winning landscape design that scores well with your wallet

and the environment.

Help your landscaping help the Earth

Your lawn is part of the natural environment, even if it was not the initial intent of Mother Nature. A well-maintained landscape can help the environment in many ways, allowing your yard and nature to live harmoniously together.


By planting trees and keeping your lawn cared for you can save money by keeping your property cooler and reduce water runoff.

Other ways to help the environment:

Regular maintenance of your yard, guided water runoff, and energy-saving options will save money and help the environment.

  • Walk more

  • Check your tires

  • Don’t let your car idle

  • Recycle trash

  • Turn off electrical devices

How landscaping helps:

  • Trees and shrubs reduce CO2 levels

  • Shaded areas are 6 – 10 degrees cooler

  • Rocks and xeriscaping can redirect water

  • Using local plants helps insects and birds

  • Proper watering reduces vegetation and soil runoff